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What time is worship

Worship begins at 9:45am every Sunday morning and goes until 10:45 or 11am depending on what is happening in worship that morning.

Are kids welcome

Yes, we believe children are our future and our sanctuary has children being children in it every Sunday with all the sounds and excitement it comes with it. We also have "Messy Church" on the 2nd Friday of every month to have a service just for them

Are there programs for kids

It’s important for kids to have their own time too! Each service Allin features Sunday School where children of all ages can be a part of (if they want too). It is a place for them to have their own spiritual and reflection time of their own, kids style! Sometimes kids prefer to stay in the sanctuary during worship, and that’s fine too! We have a dedicated space for kids in the front of our sanctuary where they can play with toys, while staying close to you! Allin also hosts a Messy Church service every second Friday of every month at 6pm. It’s a time for you and your kids to have fun through their very own inter-generational kid’s service. You can plan on enjoying a light supper, singing some songs, participating in kid friendly’s activities, and experiencing with them a non-traditional worship with other families! All are welcome!!

Is there a dress code

We have no dress code and welcome those attending worship to dress however they feel is most comfortable and most appropriate. Our children show up in everything from Boy Scout shirts to baseball uniforms to pajamas. Parents show up in everything from scrubs to jeans. At Allin, worship is about celebrating God’s love for us and faith in us as individuals and a community in Christ. What we wear does not affect our rejoice.

How welcoming is the church

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. It is a foundation of Allin Church and the United Church of Christ (our national denomination) that all are welcome to worship and seek God through Christ with us. Our congregation celebrates the diversity that is God’s creation. Yes, friend. You are welcome at Allin.

Is the church it accessible

Allin is equipped with an elevator to reach all floors, from the alcove in the Bullard Street entrance. Allin also has an accessible bathroom right outside our sanctuary and spaces for wheelchairs have been carved out in our pews. We are committed to making church as accessible as possible for all who attend and very open to hearing how we can continue making the grounds, building, and services more accessible to all!

What are your worship services like

Worship is both traditional and contemporary. It’s an experience of joyful hymn singing, quiet, meditative prayer, and filled sometimes with the laughter of children. You can enjoy the sound of our historic organ and the gifts of the voices of our talented choir. You can hear prayers that include global, national and local issues and the sermon nearly always offers a connection of scripture to the current issues we all face in the world today.

Can I take communion

Yes! You are always welcome to take communion. Questioners, believers, and questioning believers…of all ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions can choose to accept communion. Children of all ages are welcome to partake per their parent/guardian’s judgment. Jesus loves all people for who they are and wherever they are in the faith journey. Coming to the table together enhances the love as we share it with one another.

How do I get there?


683 High Street 

Dedham, Ma 02026

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